maternity girdle

Maternity Girdle

What to Look For in Maternity Girdles For Pregnant Women

The corsets worn by women of old have gone a long way to become the girdles of today, yet the purpose of wearing it hasn’t changed. Since society places a great deal of expectation to women – women should have large breasts, small waist and wide hips, girdles have become very important to attain a kind of hour glass figure that everybody looks for. These apply to single or married women who are having difficulty to get a curvaceous body due to lack of exercise.

There are also girdles for pregnant women nowadays. They call them the maternity girdle. Yes, but its purpose is way too far from that of a regular girdle. Here’s what they are supposed to look for.

Girdle for pregnant women should provide them comfort. When expecting a baby, women would usually experience leg cramps and will normally have hemorrhoids or varicose veins on the legs. The most common complaint, however, is lower back pain. Wearing a maternity girdle will lessen the possibility of having any or all of these discomforts since it is made up of elastic, lightweight and breathable materials and have adjustable straps, thus, circulation is enhanced. Once the circulation is not restricted or constrained, the blood flows normally on those areas.

Aside from making moms-to-be comfortable, it should support their ever growing tummy. It cannot be denied that the baby grows inside the womb and becomes especially heavy during the last trimester. With the help of a girdle, the stress and strain on the women’s abdomen is greatly reduced preventing pregnant women from having pains during long periods of walking or standing.

In choosing the maternity girdle, there are two basic designs available in the market. These are the panty girdle and the extender girdle. The panty girdle is used by women who want a little shaping around the hips and thighs. The extender girdle on the other hand is recommended for the pregnant since it gives them support on their mid section.

There are an array of styles, brands and designs of maternity body girdles available on the market today. However, it is the choice of moms-to-be as to which type of girdle fits their needs while carrying their baby. The important thing is, the expectant mother feels pretty and sexy while making sure that they are never without support and help while they are growing big in the middle.